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Start of final setup in my mk3

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Alright heres the final setup going into my Jetta. Consist of Polk Audio EX3650 components up front powered off a jbl gts-150, in the rear i have Polk Audio 3650 6.5 inch speakers powered off a 2nd jbl gts-150, the sub which is a Image Dynamics ID10 v.3 is powered off jbl da6502 amp which from reviews says it puts out 250 watts at 4ohms.
Well I ran out of room on my previous rack so I made a new one along with a .7 cu ft sub box. Amp rack is pretty basic, has the crossover in the corner still gotta tweak that but i liked the bare look of mdf so i left it plain. I will not be doing so on the box because it was my first sub box but im not to pleased with it cause of its looks.
So on with the pics

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