Seeing a poster of Lamborghini Countach is one thing. Seeing it real life is another altogether. But there’s nothing quite like seeing it in action.

The lurid powerslides of this particular Countach (a purple LP400 Periscopico) come from Kidston’s latest film. You may remember the classic car dealers from another Lambo-focused film, starring a Miura in a snowstorm .

Like that film, “Milano 77” features classics being driven without pity, though this one is a little less heartwarming.

from Kidston.TV on Vimeo .

The film focuses on a pair of thieves stealing the Countach in question from a garage with a sleepy keeper who chases after them in a Monteverdi. As is true of most truly classic car movies, this one is light on plot, heavy on chase, so don’t expect much more than that.

But what it lacks in narrative it more than makes up for in shots of the Countach and the Monteverdi sliding around Milan and do you really need anything more than that in life? No.

Among the greatest shots in the film though, is the one focused on the thieves. In the middle of any given corner, they don’t appear to be in their rightful seat, and along with how much the Countach rocks around the corners, it gives you a new appreciation for the bravery it took to drive old school supercars hard.