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Starting after disconnecting fuel lines

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I recently replaced the fuel pumps in my Cabby and I'm having trouble getting it started now. I figured it would take a bit since there's no gas in the lines but it just won't start for me.

One of the lines to the fuel accumulator was disconnected (not by me) and a friend of my mom's said to take it off again while trying to start the car. I don't see how it will help because then air will just stay in that line anyway but I know I don't know everything so I wanted to get others opinions on the situation.
I'd try his idea just for the sake of trying it but I won't be home until late tonight anyway.

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Yours is an 89 cabriolet ? Im no expert but is there anyway you could've swapped the fuel feed line with the return line on the in-tank pump ? When you turn your key on can you hear the pumps running ?
I can hear the pump running but it won't start. It'll crank and then start for like, a split second but won't actually stay running.

I don't think I switched the lines but is there a way to tell which is which? Maybe tomorrow I'll change them and see if it fixes the problem.
Try un-hooking the line from the in-tank pump where it feeds the outer unit and turn your key on to see if fuel is reaching that point, if it is then un-hook the line coming out of the outer pump and see what you have there ? Did you get a new pump or used ? Cis and Cis E runs on higher fuel pressure than newer Digifant systems. Do you have part#s from new pumps ?
I'll try to post some pics of my outer pump assembly and hoses if it'll help(if it isnt raining tommorow).
I replaced one with the second one on this page http://www.germanautoparts.com/Volkswagen/Cabriolet/Fuel/98/1

and the other with a Bosch pump. Both new.
I had tried starting it a few days ago (but had forgotten a washer so it was leaking) and fuel did reach the main pump since that's where I saw it leaking from. But maybe it was fuel that was already in the lines, not new gas being picked up? So I'll try what you suggested tomorrow.

I'm so sick of the smell of gas lol
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