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Starting problems first time for the day

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I have a problem with my 92 VW Jetta and am looking for a board as good as this one.
The following is what the car use to do until I replaced o-ring on the fuel injectors.
I am having a problem with my Jetta because it will not start cold. I take out a sparkplug and it will start. I put back in the sparkplug and it will start for the rest of the day. I punched out the catalitic converter so it is not a back presure problem. I check the ohm rating of the air flow sensor on the digifant II fuel system and it was ok. It has a Wolfburg 1.8 liter engine. If you need more info please ask me through e-mail. And I hope someone can help me figure this thing out.
NOW I have to spray starting fuild in the intake to get it to start. I have checked fuel pressure. I also checked the resistance at the plug in to the fuel injectors and it read no resistance. It is suppose to read 3.5-7 ohms. Is it bad if it reads no resistance? Thanks again for your help.
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Re: Starting problems first time for the day (sparkknock)

try starting in the dark while someone is spraying water and look to see if it is arcing at all this is a common problem that people often mistake for fuel stuff spray wires ignition coil and all if it is arcing replacing it should fix problem for not a ton of $$$
Re: Starting problems first time for the day (Tylbaart)

This is SparkKnock:
I have replaced the plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, and plugs.
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