If there's one thing Lamborghini is good at it's making track day specials so exotic they may as well be from Mars. And while we'll never get to drive them, and they'll probably never actually get used on the track, that's not going to stop us from leaving a puddle of drool on our keyboards after looking at them. On that note, here's the latest. The Lamborghini Essenza SCV12.

It starts with the 6.5L V12 that's used in all of the fastest Lamborghinis, but this time they've turned it on its nose. Instead of the output shaft coming forward to the mid-mounted gearbox, the engine puts power straight out the back, driving the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential that becomes part of the car's structure. The rear suspension is attached directly to that box.

The V12's more powerful, too, making 830 hp and adding more at speed with a ram-air effect. A Capristo exhaust lowers backpressure while emphasizing the engine's noise.

With a lightweight carbon monocoque and internal roll cage, the SCV12 is, Lambo says, the first GT car to meet FIA prototype safety rules.

Pirelli slicks are mounted on magnesium wheels and cover Brembo Motorsport calipers and rotors. Aero, unconstrained by actual racing rules, produces 2,600 lbs of downforce at 154 mph. Styling comes from Lamborghini Centro Stile, which designs all the Squadra Corse racing cars, with bodywork designed for quick replacement during pit stops. Surprisingly, it's not a single-seater, that despite the very racing square steering wheel. We'll guess that's leaving a spot for the instructor, not so owners can challenge passengers not to blow chunks on the Alcantara.

Just 40 of the cars will be built, and they'll come with features like a personal garage at the factory and a webcam that lets you watch your car 24/7 from anywhere, just like your dog daycare. Owners can attend athletic training programs at the site and while we joked about these being garage decoration earlier, there will be arrive and drive events starting next year with coaching from five-time Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro. No word on price, but there's a good chance they're sold out anyway. So if you need to know you probably already do.