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STEALership has some "splainin" to do

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Here is yet another STEALERship HORROR story:
I just had my 5000 mile service yesterday .... or so I thought. I paid $25 for oil (10w-30???) , filter & new washer (according to the bill) and was happy as could be until I checked under the hood.
Heeding the warnings others have given on this forum about shoddy STEALership service I marked the oil filter as a precaution the morning I took it in.
After the "service" I got the car back washed and vacuumed. I even commented to the service staff how pleased I was with the experience. I drove about 2 miles to a mall, did some shopping and ate lunch. A little over an hour later I returned to my car (that I had purposely parked on a level spot) popped the hood and to my HORROR saw the filter had not been changed. I pulled the dip stick and it was nearly an inch over the MAX fill bend.
I imediately called the STEALERship (Karmart VW-Burlington, WA) but the service manager was out to lunch. I drove the car to a German Car Speciality shop 2 more miles down the road and asked for their assistance which they graciously provided.
When I did get a call back from the STEALERship she said I was mistaken. She said she had the old filter right in front of her and I would not have been able to "mark" the filter as it is underneath the car. At the time I was in front of my car, hood open with TWO mechanics. I asked them to point out the oil filter to me and they did so. The even saw the marks I had put on the filter this morning. I told her she was lying but she continued to deny any that anything had been done wrong.
The shop I was at graciously drained the oil (which still looked very dark) to the correct level and scheduled me for an appointment next week.
When I got home I did get a call from the head honcho of Parts & Service and he admitted the service had been botched and would send my check back to me. Better late than never I guess?
My advice to EVERYONE is to mark your filter and check the oil level soon after you get the car back. I would have been perfectly happy with the experience had I not checked and gladly sent in the satisfaction form with all 5 marked. You can guess what they will be marked now ...
I won't even touch the 10w-30 issue which they emphatically claim is the recommended oil for 1.8T Passats.
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Re: STEALership has some "splainin" to do (Just say Mo)

See my reply posted under here. http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=241179
Again, sorry to hear of your experience, but thanks for sharing.
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