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Stealth Shelf

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I'm looking at putting in new speakers and I want to fit some 6x9s in the rear but I can't find anyone that does an Octavia stealth shelf.
I was just wondering if anyone had fitted a stealth shelf in their Octavia and if so where you got it from.
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Re: Stealth Shelf (mrushton)

I have 6x9s in mine and a stealthy shelf.
DIY job.
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Re: Stealth Shelf (TaviaRS)

What 6x9s have you got? Would you recommend them?
What kind of DIY job is your shelf?
Sorry to ask so many questions all at once
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Re: Stealth Shelf (mrushton)

I have some Maystar 6*9s installed in my rear shelf. The audio shop that installed my equipment converted the rear shelf for me. They strengten it with metal bars recovered it and then fixed the 6*9s to it. The rear shelf looks good and you can't see the rear speakers at all.
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