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Steering damper?

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I've seen a few folks mention the steering damper as something that needs servicing/replacing. Is this a common problem piece? Is that what makes that "groaning" sound when you turn the steering wheel? My Fox has made that noise since it was new. Is there a good fix for this?
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Re: Steering damper? (kerensky)

I have a new steering damper, and I will replace it, oh, next year or so. Get no groaning right now, have alot of miles on the clock. Wonder if the groaning happens when sitting still, or when driving??
The steering damper is located in the back of the engine bay, under the radiator res. bottle. Take a gander at it, see what it looks like. I finally scraped enough ick away and found it. Looks interesting to install, and heard the same from a guy who really knows how to wrench. I am gonna go through H on this part, I think.
But I will, because I can.
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