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I'm getting some noise when I turn the steering wheel. It ranges from nothing to a high-pitched squeeling to a deeper groaning. It's generally pretty quiet when the car is cold, but after driving it a bit, it gets progressively worse. Also, it seems to be worse when turning right. BTW, it's a manual rack.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure it's the steering rack itself. I went and disconnected the tie rod on one side and put the car back on the ground. Turning the front wheel by hand failed to produce the noise. Turning the steering wheel did reproduce it. I then hooked that side back on and tried the other side. There is no noise when the whole front is off the ground.
I suspect it's the steering rack, and will crawl under the car this weekend to double-check everything, and also see if there's play in the steering column yourself. That said, I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts?
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