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Steering problem with my 88' GTI 16V

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When it rains or when I run over puddles, the steering wheel gets very difficult to turn at times. Sometimes, even the brake pedal gets really hard to press and you have to fight both the steering wheel to turn and the brake pedal to stop. This happens occassionally, but only when it's wet outside. Any ideas is much appreciated.
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Re: Steering problem with my 88' GTI 16V (Tongster)

Your power steering belt is getting wet - I've experienced this alot on different 16Vs. I think it's the lowermost accessory belt (closest to ground) so it gets wet easily and slips - when it does, no assist. It may be somewhat loose to start with, too. There is a plastic shroud that is supposed to cover the lower half of the accessory belt drives, but I think it tends to go AWOL, and when it does, the water gets on the area more easily. I am not sure why the brakes might do the same thing.
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