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Re: Steering wheel adaptor (Tornado Wolfie)

just did this as a matter of fact, there are two adapters 191 419 514 and 191 419 514A, 514 is 45mm and 514A is 26mm, 514A is the one that worked on my '85 GTI, i don't know what models the 514 is for. they are about $8 from the dealership.
to fit the adapter
1. remove steering wheel with a 24mm deep socket
2. put the adapter over the spline and make sure the teeth line up
3. put the nut on and start cranking it down, be careful not to let the socket hit against the teeth on the adapter
4. the nut will not beable to push the adapter all the way on (the threading isn't long enough), so, take the nut off and put a 20-22mm or equivelant standard deep well socket over the shaft and whack it with a hammer (not too hard)
5. test fit the wheel after every 2 or 3 whacks to make sure you haven't pushed it on too far.
6. put the new wheel on and take it for a test drive.
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