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Steering wheel?

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Where can I buy a nice steering wheel for my A2 with all the adapters I need?
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Re: Steering wheel? (Clone_number2)

Who is this clown, and why does he feel the need to give a stupid answer to a serious question?
Re: Steering wheel? (Sechscylinder)

He's just another stupid clown like the rest of us... Your quesiton is vague...more info please....are you looking for a VW wheel or an aftermarket wheel?
Re: Steering wheel? (scirocco16v)

Aftermarket..... that's why I need the adapter to make it fit to the VW steering column.
Re: Steering wheel? (scirocco16v)

most anyone who sells wheels will sell the adapters.
The exact year escapes me but I know the size of the shaft changed... in '88 I wanna say. Earlier-smaller, later-bigger. You can get an adapter at the dealer tho.
Dont mind the clowns. They scare me too
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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