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UPDATED 06/28/2014

MOMO Wood Grain Polished Steering Wheel 370mm
- Spoke Design Matches Vintage AC Schnitzer Wheels
- IMPUL of Japan Used same Design for thier Wood VIP Steering Wheel
- Nice 370mm Sizing perfect for OEM Size, also nice on Bigger Sedans
- Polished Face does have Fine Scratches as it is Raw Aluminum
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/MOMO_Wood_Grain_Full_Polish_370mm_052914/
$260 Picked Up or $285 Shipped

Garson Italvolanti Swarovski Steering Wheel 360mm
- This one has the more rare Black Alumilite Crystal Ring
- Leather and Wood in Good Condition
- Awesome find for VIP cars
- Fits MOMO Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Garson_Italvolanti_Swarovski_Steering_Wheel_060714/
$420 Picked Up or $465 Shipped

Fabulous Luxury Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel 360mm
- Carbon Fiber is a hard finish to find for this wheel
- All in Good Condition
- Really a Wood Wheel With Faux Carbon Fiber Finish
- Nardi Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Fabulous_Luxury_Carbon_Fiber_Steering_Wheel_052914/
$420 Picked Up or $465 Shipped

Fabulous Luxury Steering Wheel Metallic Black 360mm
- Unique Gloss Black Paint with metallic finish
- Leather in Good Condition
- Paint Glossy, however there are 3 blemishes near the top of the rim, only noticeable up close, see pics!
- Fits Nardi Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Fabulous_Luxury_Steering_Wheel_Metallic_Black_062214/
$260 Picked up or $285 Shipped

OBA Italy Wood Grain Steering Wheel 350mm
- OBA Italy is a high end steering wheel manufacturer in Italy
- OBA Steering Wheels are popular with Bosozoku tuners in Japan
- Wood Finish is very shiny, does have minor scratches, but overall good condition, see pics!
- Includes Brand New Crystal Red Horn Button
- Fits MOMO Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/OBA_Italy_Steering_Wheel_061114/
$180 Picked up or $200 Shipped

Sport Line Formula Wood Grain Steering Wheel 350mm
- Wood has deep pattern and is very shiny
- Similar Shape to Mugen ood Grain
- Includes Formula Horn Button
- Fits MOMO Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Sport_Line_Formula_Steering_Wheel_062621/
$225 Picked Up or $250 Shipped

Nardi Classic Silver Face Large 390mm Steering Wheel
- This Nardi Steering Wheel is a little larger which is nice for bigger cars
- Also convenient for sports cars with no power steering
- The 390 MM Sizing gives the spokes a nice design
- Stamped 11-80, Really Great Condition for an 33 year old steering wheel
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Nardi_Classic_Leather_Silver__390mm_052914/
$240 Picked Up or $265 Shipped

Nardi Classic Silver Face Leather 330mm Steering Wheel
- Small 330mm size makes it nice for smaller cars such as Miata, Mini, CRX etc
- Leather in OK good condition, has scratches but no Holes and not torn, See Pics!
- Anodized Silver Face in Good Condition
- Very Nice Piece!
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Nardi_Classsic_Leather_Silver_330mm_052214/
$230 Picked Up or $255 Shipped

M's Sport Wood Grain JDM Steering Wheel 350mm
- M's Sport is a Tuning Company from Japan, real JDM Item
- Chrome Face in good Condition
- Includes Horn and Trim Ring, Trim Ring is pretty Hard to find item
- Wood in Shiny Condition Condition, does have a knick on the back side
- Fits MOMO Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Ms_Sport_Wood_350mm_Ring_052214/
$160 Picked Up or $185 Shipped

MOMO Competition Steering Wheel 350mm
- Rare MOMO Competition Steering Wheel
- MOMO Emroidery at top is in Good Condition
- Perforated Leather in Good Condition
- Anodized Black Face with "Competition" Logo in Good Condition
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/MOMO_Competition_350mm_052214/
$180 picked up or $200 Shipped

Personal Wood Grain Steering Wheel 360mm
- Manufactured in 1975
- Finish does have cracks near spokes, but the rest is in tact! See Pics!
- Face does need to be cleaned a bit
- overall in OK and Very Useable Condition, especially for the age!
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Personal_Holes_1975_360mm_052214/
$175 Picked up or $195 Shipped

Izumi Wood Grain Steering Wheel Classic 360mm
- Izumi is an Old School Japanaese Steering Wheel Manufacturer
- Could Use Refinishing or left as is for nice worn look
- Includes JDM Formula Horn Button
- Fits Nardi Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Izumi_Roseowod_050114/
$200 Picked Up or $225 Shipped

Renoma Paris Steering Wheel 360mm by Italvolanti
- Renoma Paris is a real french fashion brand
- Made in Italy, produced by Italvolanti, a very high end steering wheel manufacturer
- Leather in OK Condition, does have scratches
- Fits Both Momo and Nardi Patterns
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Renoma_Paris_Leather_360mm_030714/
$170 Picked Up or $190 Shipped

OZ Super Turismo Steering Wheel by Italvolanti 350mm
- Leather is in good condition, but the yeallow stripe is a little worn
- Yellow Stitching in good condition
- Black Anodized Face, has a scratch
- Fits Momo Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/OZ_Italvolnti_Steering_Wheel/
$130 Picked Up or $155 Shipped

Big End Candy Gold Slot Deep Cone Steering Wheel Brand New 350mm
- Big End is a Tuner in Japan
- Steering Wheel is Brand New With correct Horn and box
- Candy Cold Paint is very nice with real candy metallic paint
- Fits MOMO Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Big_End_Slot_Candy_Yellow_050014/
$200 Picked up or $225 Shipped

Big End Candy Silver Hole Type Steering Wheel Deep Corn 350mm
- Chrome Face is in good condition
- Comes with Crystal Silver Horn Button which is a cool piece as well
- Candy Silver Paint is very nice with real candy metallic paint
- Fits MOMO Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Big_End_Candy_Silver_Hole_050114/
$160 Picked Up or $185 Shipped

JDM WD Drift Steering Wheel Pearl White 360mm
- Pearl White With Fine Purple Speckles
- Has small scratches, nothing major, no cracks
- Chrome Face in Good Condition
- Fits MOMO Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/WD_JDM_Drift_Pearl_White_360mm_042314/
$160 Picked Up or $185 Shipped

KEY!S RACING Fossa Magna Steering Wheel 345mm
- Has semi deep cone design
- D Shaped with flat bottom
- "FossaMagna" Embroidered on top of the wheel on the front and the back
- Has scatches on face, been touched up a little
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Keys_Fossa_Magna_120313/
$140 Picked Up or $165 Shipped

Wood Grain Chrome Steering Wheel 350mm
- Wood has deep pattern and is very shiny, has a small chip by the bottom spoke, see pics
- Chrome Face very Shiny
- Includes Horn Button
- Fits MOMO Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Wood_Grain_Chrome_JDM_Steering_Wheel_350mm_062614/
$120 Picked Up or $135 Shipped

Purple Wood Steering Wheel 350mm
- Brand New Steering Wheel
- High Quality Costruction with real wood and Aluminum, this one wont bend!
- Wood Rim is painted Gloss Purple
- Fits MOMO Pattern
For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/JDM_Drift_Purple_350mm_062114/
$120 Picked Up or $135 Shipped

All Items Located in Rosemead CA, just east of Los Angeles
Preferred Method of Communication is Text: 626-614-7529
Email is [email protected]
Instagram: Derrickology

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Nardi Mazda Miata V-Special Wood Steering Wheel Black Face 360mm JDM
- This Steering Wheel Setup came out of a JDM Limited Edition Mazda Miata V-Special in Japan
- Wood Stering Wheel in Good Condotion
- Anodized Black Face in Good Condition
- Comes Complete Authentic Nardi Horn Button and Trim Ring
- Bolt-on Application for Early Year Mazda Miata (NA Models)
- For More Pics: http://www.jdmeuro.com/images/for_sale/Nardi_Classic_Miata_V-Special_360mm_Miata_111613/
$240 Picked Up or $265 Shipped
do you still have this? and would you be able to ship in time for the 25th?
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