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Stereo dead ???

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Woke up this morning, got in the car, started it like usual, got out to remove all the snow and then got back in to notice that there is no music playing. Turned on the lights and no lights come on on the stereo at all
The only time I had problems with the stereo is last week my channels setting for radio were reset.
I'll have to bring it to the dealer because it's too damn cold to work on it http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
I am not technical at all anyways so it can be something very stupid anyway...
That sucks !! (but I still love my car anyhow !)
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Re: Stereo dead ??? (B3rT-Jetta1.8T)

How cold is it in Quebec? Down here in Burlington, I put a new stereo (well, used HU from my last car) into my GTI a few weeks ago and it wouldn't seem to work when I installed it, despite my use of an (overpriced) Metra harness that meant I didn't have to do any wiring. Ran the car for a bit, turned the heat on, and it worked fine--I guess the LCD freezes below a certain temp and then the system slows down while waiting for the LCD to update. I don't know what other risks you may run by using a stereo in extreme cold; I suppose the mechanism could have troubles, too.
Re: Stereo dead ??? (sparty)

Is it a Monsoon? If it is, pull either fuse 41 or 42 for 30 seconds and put it back in. That was the cure for mine.
Re: Stereo dead ??? (GRVR6)

Or pull the radio unplug it, plug it back in and slide it back in the dash.
Re: Stereo dead ??? (GRVR6)

The fuse was the problem. everything is back to normal !!

Thanks a lot guys for your replies !
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Re: Stereo dead ??? (B3rT-Jetta1.8T)

I feel good!
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