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Stiffen suspension without lowering?

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While I'm generally pleased with my 2001 Golf 1.8T 4-door, the suspension is a bit soft for my tastes and driving.
Can anyone recommend products or mods to stiffen the suspension without lowering the ride? I live in New England (potholes, snow, slush), drive all over, and really don't want to give up any of that 4" ground clearance.
I've owned a Rabbit, Golf MkI and Golf MkII, and all had substantially better suspensions than the Golf MkIV.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Stiffen suspension without lowering? (silver pelt)

Neuspeed Sofsports are a .5" drop. Buy Koni adjustables while you're at it.
Re: Stiffen suspension without lowering? (tatge)

Doesn't Shine do a suspension that doesn't lower the car much? It stiffens up the handling though. I know some people on here know.
Re: Stiffen suspension without lowering? (tatge)

Bigger bars + Use Bilstain HD on your stock Springs!!
Re: Stiffen suspension without lowering? (robin_lantigua)

quote:[HR][/HR]Use Bilstein HD on your stock Springs[HR][/HR]​
I second this. Changing your shocks but keeping the stock springs will give an improvement in handling without lowering your car. Bilstein HDs are designed to work on cars that are slightly lowered or not lowered at all. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Stiffen suspension without lowering? (ThunderGolf)

The new H&R "Dune Buggy" coilovers. You can keep the car at stock height or lower it 1". The European Car article mentioned that it maintains the factory suspensions geometry (like Shine)? They said it's available for MKIII & MKIV. I can't find info. about these coilovers on H&R website.
Re: Stiffen suspension without lowering? (Golf_2K2L)

Yea Shine Lite is what I have been looking into getting. I am lowered ~1" give or take and scrape my front every now and then and can only imagine what it'll be like with an exhaust.
Re: Stiffen suspension without lowering? (oeb)

Or try a stock 2001+ GTI suspension - it's stiffer, doesn't lower the car any, and I see low mileage ones on sale for CHEAP all the time in the Golf/Jetta IV Classifieds forum.
That's the cheapest way to go, plus the highest quality option since it's factory OEM stuff.
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