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stock compression numbers for 1.8 16V

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just tested the motor out of a trophy i picked up last week, and the numbers look like this:
i know that stock compression on a 1.8 16V is 10.5:1, but i don't recall how to convert that to psi. can anyone tell me how the conversion works, and what the stock psi should be?
the mad bastard
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Re: stock compression numbers for 1.8 16V (the_mad_bastard)

well http://www.gti16v.org said it's 10.0:1
Re: stock compression numbers for 1.8 16V (the_mad_bastard)

yeah AFAIK the PL compression is 10:1, and the 9A is 10.8:1. your numbers look good, i think most 9A's get 220s. correct me if im wrong
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Re: stock compression numbers for 1.8 16V (the_mad_bastard)

You can't convert the compression ratio as the air charge is heated during compression and can read higher then atmosphere x ratio on a tight engine. When you perform a compression reading only crank the engine 4 times with the throttle wide open to get an accurate readings (you don't want to keep cranking and try to build compression). From my experience 190-210 psi are good numbers at 10.5:1
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