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Re: Stock Managment cant be that bad, can it ? (keith_r)

Problems with boost and stock management is the MAF saturates and the injectors saturate. I don't know exact numbers but it probably starts causing problems around 250whp. Can't really do much about that! Could use a larger dia MAF and uprate the injectors to get around it, and I'm sure it could be quite useable for pretty big hp. IIRC, Matrix did just that on their turbo cars, at least for stages one and two.
Another problem is obviously the timing maps that you want with a boosted car aren't those that you want NA, obviously. Without proper tuning, you can have a big (re: kaboom) problem. There are some people that were trying MSD igntion retard boxes with the coil pack ignition systems, but I don't know if anyone got them working.
Either way, stand alone, if tuned correctly, is always good for a few more ponies than the stock management.
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