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Re: Stock Managment cant be that bad, can it ? (keith_r)

manufactures have to run configurations to a safety standard... there's alot of cars out that that have come turbocharged factory and were probrably detuned to a degree for safety against detonation, pinging, knock... as well as the need to maintain competitive gas milage... chipping or installing alternative engine management allows you to hone in to that ideal tuning more.
Tuning is key on turbo systems... getting the exact Air/fuel ratio's across the board, getting the flow and timing just right is crucial! It'll work just fine with the stock parameters. You say you're goal is 300whp, you can get there with the stock system I'd be sure of it ... but ... how would you feel if at 250whp you could install an alternate engine management system and get your 300whp, as opposed to needing to upgrade the turbo, upgrade injectors and fuel pump, and push a higher pressure to get your power?

Also, with the OBDII system in there things get a little messier. It is programed to opperate with in certain specifications, like injector duty cycle, and air flow, and exhaust temperatures, and cylinder pressure, and timing, and exhaust temps, and oxygen levels, and etc ... using a turbo will most likely increase about all of these in some fashion... exhaust runs hotter, air flow increase (
stating the obvious here hehe), gas consumption increases, most likely cylinder compression decreases. With all of this you improve the chance that you'll knock, ping, or even detonation. If the OBDII systems reads any of this happening it will take appropriate measures to cure the problem... typically the solution is retardation of the timing, decreasing injector flow... which will both result in lose of power. Or it may try to increase the flow of the injectors if it thinks there's not enough ... well if you're running 270ish hp at WOT, you may be close to 100% cycle on the injectors as it is...(I'm guessing at numbers cause I don't know exactly, but the theory is there) ... and if the ECU tries to push more fuel thru ... well it just doesn't work ...
SO... from my considerations I would think it would be a necessity to have alternate engine management to achieve big numbers. Personally even if I were only looking for 230ish hp I may first start with engine management (not the cheapest), I think that with proper managing you mods will be alot more effective and power creation will be alot more efficient.
and no the basic engine management configuration isn't bad... but it wasn't designed to handle boost and engine behavior outside what Vw expected it to.
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