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I have to ask this question on here as it is bugging me a bit, there does seem to be alot of people telling me to change my engine mangament from the stock VR6 one (Bosch), now i am going Turbocharged.
The thing is, there are quite a few Tuning companies that are selling turbocharger kits now, with the basis being the Stock Engine managment.
Ok this may be partialy to try and keep the costs of the conversion down but these companies, Matrix engineering, Eip Tuning, ATP, HPA/HGP turbo etc all keep the stock engine mangment for there lower conversions (upto about 350hp, though HPA/HGP keep it upto 450+ !!!)
I understand that the ideal Engine mangment for a Turbo car does contain a MAP sensor and not a MAF sensor amongst other controls etc etc along with more adjustments to the parameters.
But surely this mangament cant be so bad and the cars cant drive so badly, that all the above mentioned companies can be selling conversions using the stock mangament ??????

By the way i am only aiming to run 300hp (crank) baybe 350 later...

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