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Stock rod strength?

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I'm wondering if anyone out there knows how much horsepower the stock aba rods are good up to? looking at building up a block this spring or summer once the turbo is on the car... putting ross pistons in it... getting a 93 block for the forged crank and oil squirters and am looking at rod options.. would have liked to run eagle rods since my shop has a good hook up on them but as far as i know( haven't called them to clarify though) they dont make them for my car.. so i'm wondering how much HP the stock rods are good up to and how much shot peened rods should withstand? any info would be helpfull.
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Re: Stock rod strength? (dragginconceptzjetta)

I use the standard rods from the 1,8 engines in my dragcar (350hp on nitrous) with no problems.
The oil-passage-rods are supposed to be even stronger. Save the outlay on custom rods till you start breaking them.
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Re: Stock rod strength? (grasshopperdrag)

thanks sounds good.. did you shot peen the 1.8's or just use completly stock ones?
Re: Stock rod strength? (dragginconceptzjetta)

I saw a rod that came out of a 500WHP 1.8T that blew a piston.....the rod was in perfect condition. If I were you, I'd spend $600 on pistons rather than rods....
Re: Stock rod strength? (VW97Jetta)

i'll pick up the ross pistons and shot peen the rods most likely.. get some arp rod bolts... i'll prolly buy that during next winter or late summer so i can have it for next season
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