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stock shock and 1.5 lower spring .....

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any problems???
i want to install 1.5 lower spring.. i have non sport stock shocks.
which one is best??
thank you
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Re: stock shock and 1.5 lower spring ..... (jason1224)

The general concensus is not to install a sport lowering spring with stock struts/shocks. The struts will be forced to work extra hard and inefficiently compared what it was originally designed to do. You will be cutting down the life of the strut/shock significantly and they will eventually cease the ability to dampen/rebound your suspension effectively.
If you plan to pay for a shop to install your suspension, you would be just wasting your money. If you install your suspension yourself for free, then that fine... just as long as you know to expect the struts to fail within a few months or so.
Hope that helps.

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