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Stolen 1967 Bug!
Contributed by ScottMcW.
Taken from parking lot across from the OCTO bus meet at Huntington Beach High School late morning on February 10. This is a 1967 BEETLE Pearl White Restored CA plate 3HFK770 Vin 117515270. It has a Roof Rack, black vinyl interior, Signet Tires production date 14 Feb - odometer about 999543? coming up on all 0's
Identifying stickers - '@' in Oval (Like 'D' for germany type) on drivers side rear and commemorative volleyball on passenger rear.
Pictures and info at http://home.earthlink.net/~toyfield/stolenbug.html .
Please help this Strictly Vintage 2s member (and all around nice person) recover her bug!
our 67 bus was stolen 2/6
sorry about your bug. our 67 bus was stolen from northern california a few days before. maybe it's the same people on a trip down the coast.... if we get any information on ours, we will share it with you. please do the same. good luck.
-- findthebus

Latest Update from Jon & Rachel
sorry if this is more bug related, but i did lose a bunch of very hard to find splitty westy parts as well.
rachel's bug was parked in the corner spot in the church parking lot at the corner of 17th and adams, catty-corner to and visible from the octo show (which was great except for the car getting lifted). it had a repro bug woodslat rack on it, and the framework for a westy rack attached to the bug rack. the rest of the disassembled westy rack was inside the car, covered up, as well as a box of 55/56 westy parts (in a girl scout cookie box), a digital camera, some of our clothes and 2 jackets/coats, a repop hazet tooklit (empty) which was won at the octo raffle, a new wiring works bug harness was in the trunk, as well as all of rachel's id, credit cards, etc... plus some other misc vw parts. there is no front license plate on the car (yes, she knows), which may be a good way to spot it. we are also going to call the church this morning to see if for some obscure reason they had it towed off, but we were somewhat assured that they don't do that. if anyone there saw anything happen to the bug between 11am and 1pm (we went back to the car to unload clothes and parts), please call the huntington beach police (714-960-8811), or please email me. please check out the link to see pics.
a big thanks to P & C and Roger Nang for all their help yesterday.
-- ScottMcW
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