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"STOP! Check Engine Coolant!"

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Anyone get this error starting their car on a cold morning? I got it this morning for some reason, but then it went away.
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Re: "STOP! Check Engine Coolant!" (Seni0rl0c0)

Did you check the level? It might be a little low.
Re: "STOP! Check Engine Coolant!" (Seni0rl0c0)

Heh... maybe you should have stopped next time and checked your coolant.

The VR6 sometimes drinks coolant. Mine happened at 14,000 miles when that came on, so I had to go buy some VW coolant and put it in. Ever since then it has been fine, just check the coolent resevoir to make sure you have enough in there.
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Re: "STOP! Check Engine Coolant!" (FAR~FROM~MUGEN)

quote:[HR][/HR] I filled it back to level and it's been fine since. I'm at 26,600 now. Where did all that coolant go??[HR][/HR]​
where do u think the vw's coolness comes from? gotta be from the COOLant.
heh heh heh... oh man....
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Re: "STOP! Check Engine Coolant!" (Seni0rl0c0)

Your car talks to you???? All mine did was yell at me when the coolant got low.
Interesting, but how does coolant disappear from a closed system? Mine got low and I freaked because I though I had blown a gasket. I even drained all the oil looking for coolant. Apparently, this happens with VWs, just like oil consumption.
Re: "STOP! Check Engine Coolant!" (JettaRed)

Mine loses coolant too, make sure you don't just add straight coolant- you need the right mixture.
Re: "STOP! Check Engine Coolant!" (billy-vr6)

14500? Hmmm...that sounds about right. 'cept it kept getting low even after I filled it up above the minimum mark. Turned out I had a bad secondary water pump that was leaking (replaced for free). Didn't know I had a second one...
BTW not sure what the coolant is made from, but maybe its volume contracts significantly at lower temp? I can see that with gasses, but kinda unusual for a liquid to shrink that much. Same reason my trunk struts don't seem to extend all the way in the winter...
Re: "STOP! Check Engine Coolant!" (billy-vr6)

mine did this around 45k miles
I think it was because I spilled some coolant doing the throttle body bypass mod
add some coolant and it should go away,
and don't worry it isn't nearly as major as the car tells you it is
Re: "STOP! Check Engine Coolant!" (jk_poon)

that happened before on mine too, even tho its a GLS, but the problem was that whenever we where on a slope or something the coolant moved to the other side where there is no sensor and it goes check engine coolants, when we moved after a while it went away... Just add more fixes the problem
Re: "STOP! Check Engine Coolant!" (quicksand)

Happened to me ~18000 miles, except the coolant idiot light came on every week for the next 3 weeks, and each time I topped off the coolant resovoir! It got to the point that I would fill it up past the safe zone (cold), and 3 days later it was almost bone dry!
Needless to say I was concerned. I thought it was leaking into the engine, since I didn't see any visible leaks around the engine or underneath the car. But it turned out to be the water pump which was replaced under warranty. What a relief that was!
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