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I'm starting to get some positive feedback from Stoptech concerning developing a Big Brake Upgrade Kit for the W8.
Guys, let me give all of you a real heads up! Apparently there may be a design flaw with the W8's front brakes. When your B2B warranty has ended expect to pay around $800.00 in parts and labor to replace your front brakes at the dealership. Now you can save a little money by using an independant mechanic and good old LibertyvilleVW, but dropping this amount of money at every brake-change is crazy! What makes it even worse is when the W8 loaners at dealerships are warping rotors.
Our W8's share brake components from the Audi S4 and A6's, and if you check out various Audi forums many drivers have switched to Stoptech brakes. I switched to Stoptech's on my SC'd 2000 4 Motion and the setup is excellent! Check out their website for more information.. Guys, let me know what you think and how many of you would be interested in upgrading your front brakes.

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