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Strange Acting Engine!!??

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Lately my car has been acting up
and i have no idea what is doing all this.
When im driving around in 3rd around 3500rpm, i will let go of the gas and the car wont rev down normally. It will slowly go down till it hits 1200-1500rpm and stay there. Last night i was driving my car in 3rd gear at 1500rpm WITHOUT my foot on the gas!!! This happens in all my gears....it gives a small buckle when i left go of the gas and won't rev down like usual. When i put in the clutch, the revs down like normal like it should.
Another problem probably related to the 1st one. When im at a stop light, the engine will rev itself. My idle is a rocksolid 880 rpm but sometimes will rev 1000-1500rpm but itself then go back to 880rpm after a 5-10 seconds.
What the hell is going on?? I had my plugs and wires changed about 15K ago...what are some other things to do or replace???
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Re: Strange Acting Engine!!?? (OttaCee)

Cruise control?
Re: Strange Acting Engine!!?? (JettaRed)

I had these symptoms followed by a CEL. When I took it to the dealer there were two things wrong. One was the O2 sensor and the other was the coolant temp sensor. i beleive the O2 sensor caused the engine to "rev". Probably running too rich. I also had the burnt gas, sulfur smell.
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