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Strange engine noise when I start my car????

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I'm sure something like this has already been posted before. So sorry if it's a duplicate. I have a '98 1.8t Passat. When I start my car I hear a strange "whooshing" noise repeatedly from the engine bay. It tends to disappear after the car warms up and it may be nothing serious at all. I haven't noticed any performance problems and it doesn't idle roughly.
And sometimes it doesn't even make the sound. I'm just wondering if it's something anyone has encountered before, and if so how serious is it?
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Re: Strange engine noise when I start my car???? (sjpassat)

My 2002 1.8t does this too. The noise will stay on for 1-2 minutes.
Re: Strange engine noise when I start my car???? (sjpassat)

It's strange because sometimes it goes away and at other times, it will be constant after an hour of driving. To elaborate, the sound is almost like a sputtering noise. But the engine seems to idle fine with no discernable performance problems.
Maybe I should just chalk it up as just another strange anomoly I have with my Passat. I love my car, but sometimes I just can't figure it out.
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