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Strange Rattle in my GTI

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Has anyone herd a squeak in the back of his or her golf or gti? I have this strange sound that I only hear when I hit a bump, accelerate very fast or shift very hard. Any ideas what this could be?
It sounds like it could be right nect to the back seat.
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Re: Strange Rattle in my GTI (blackrider)

It will get worse. The hanger at the front of the muffler came undone. When they get older the suitcase muffler pulls on them and sucks it out of the hanger. Just jack your car up look at the exaust right by the back wheel. You will see where it is disconnected. I just fixed this problem by pulling out the suitcase muffler and stuck the hanger back on. It will start rattling in the morning when the car warms up and rattle worse until the exaust gets hot, if you let it go for a while.
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