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I've been around early MK1 VWs most of my life and have worked on several myself at this point, but I've come across an issue that has got me stumped. After replacing engine mounts on my '87 Cabriolet a rattling noise, almost like playing card in the spokes of a bike rim but clicky-er, has come up (say "chick-a, chick-a, chick-a..." as fast as you can and that's pretty much the noise I'm getting). The noise starts whenever the engine is pulling the car. If I'm on flat road and coasting the noise goes away. Clutch in, noise goes away. Car on jack stands in gear, no noise. Car stationary out of gear, no noise.

It's worth noting that my old engine mounts were very shot. These new mounts lifted the engine up probably around .5-1". I drove the car for a couple days after doing front, driver's side, and rear mounts before tackling passenger side. The noise did not appear until I replaced the passenger side mount.

I retimed the engine to make sure that I did it correctly the first time; it should be correctly in time. Topped gearbox oil and engine oil off as it does leak a little off real slowly. Also tightened up axel bolts to transmission (a different issue which I had hoped would take care of my noise).

Mileage is unknown on the car, but it is the original 1.8 with 020 transmission.

I've done a fair bit of research but can't seem to find any discussions with the same symptoms as mine. So I figured it was about time I join the community and see if maybe I can get some help.

Thanks for any advice you've got
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