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Strange vibrations...

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Strange vibrations... CV Joints?? HELP?

Ok so for a while now I've been getting a strange vibration in my steering wheel.
1. It's not my brakes, because they are not applied.
2. It's not balancing tires, because the steering wheel only shakes when:
I am on the highway, say 60 MPH, in 4th or 5th gear, when I ACCELERATE. If i'm just cruising along, no problem. If I hit the gas, the steering wheel goes nuts as IF my wheels were out of balance.... what the heck?
It did this w/my stock/wheels tires/suspension and my new stuff.. no change at all... so.. I have no idea what's going on. Any ideas?


Modified by monsterjetta at 10:31 AM 7-1-2003
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Re: Strange vibrations... (monsterjetta)

my 02 jetta had to have the CV's replaced due to a similar problem.....
Re: (wilddave1)

bumpin' again.. nobody eh??
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Re: (monsterjetta)

marky mark and the funky bunch bump
Re: (abe1.8t)

I'm having the same prob as we speak although my wheel will shake at about 120KM/h... I took it to VW and the tech said my tires are warped..not the wheels, but the tires. And sure enough you can see the tire balding in some spots and almost new in others...
Check that out
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Re: Strange vibrations... CV Joints?? HELP? (monsterjetta)

Have you checked the tire balance?
Re: Strange vibrations... CV Joints?? HELP? (bunker23)

A vibration ONLY when accelerating is usually the inner CV joint.
Re: Strange vibrations... CV Joints?? HELP? (monsterjetta)

Usually, CV Joints will get loud and start making a knocking noise on turns before they cause a major vibration. At least on other cars I've owned. Not sure on VWs.
Is you car significantly lowered? If so, maybe the drive shaft has a slight bend from hitting the front swaybar.
Just a thought:
I had a simular problem with a Honda I owned. Some days the tires were in balance, until I accelerated. Other days they were fine. Some days they were bad all the time. I must have had all the wheels balanced 4 times, before replacing the tires. When the tires were off the rim, we noticed they were filled with a about a cup of water each.
Apparently, some service stations have problems with water getting into their air hose, so whenever I put air in a tire, a little water got in each time. Now I check the air hose every time before I connect it to the valve stem. Also, beware of those Fix-a-Flat air cans, they will do the same thing.

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Re: Strange vibrations... CV Joints?? HELP? (monsterjetta)

I too am having the same vibrations. Dealer is usless. After multiple trips to the dealer they just keep telling me everything is within specs. My *#@. So now I just bide my time till the lease is up and they can have the lemon back!!! Needless to say the vibrations are not the only problem with this car. Doors creak and pop, dash rattles, and the transmission is junk. It shifts like my old 130,000 mile Rabbit did and it had a damaged transmission. Of course dealer can't find or solve those problems either.
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Re: Strange vibrations... CV Joints?? HELP? (vwgoof)

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