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The people who come here know I had a post on a bad experience I had at the Streetglow forum a few days back well I just wanted to say that after discussing it with the forum moderator he took action!
"New Rules Notice:
From this point forward any posts irrelevant to StreetGlow products and/or the automotive industry (including remote control cars, planes, boats, bicycles, etc...) will be deleted and the person responsible for starting the thread will be suspended. There shall be no more harassing of other users on this board either. Rule of thumb: If you need to stop and ask yourself "is this going to get someone mad" chances are, it will, so don't post it.
-Adam (Administrator) "
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Re: Streetglow forum (16v)

quote:[HR][/HR]that did get a little heated eh?
Well unfortunately the forum is full of guys NOT dedicated to the forum topics!
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Re: Streetglow forum (2035cc16v)

quote:[HR][/HR]Cullen are you secretly installing neon beneath your country???

Well yes, but the word UNDER would NOT be correct
You'll see...its not a thing that will be for "show" but for USE
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