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Striker pin alignment?

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Can anyone post pics of the front door striker pins along with the marks on the door frame? I have a funny feeling that mine are misaligned, which causes clicking noises. I'm thinking that the door doesn't make a good seal with the seals. It was raining today, and the clicking noises went away, so I think it's coming from the door seals, and not the locks as I originally thought.
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Re: Striker pin alignment? (BikeBoy24)

describe your clicking? Is it creaking, have you tried lubricating the striker pin and latch?
Re: Striker pin alignment? (wlombardi)

Well, it's more of a clicking/rattling noise. Yup, I've lubed everything, many times. I even tried the electrical tape thing. I definitly think it's something to do with the door seals.
Re: Striker pin alignment? (BikeBoy24)

Try this:
Re: Striker pin alignment? (BikeBoy24)

Do NOT adjust the striker plate. You will end up like me with a misaligned door and it will never be the same. Lubricate your weather stripping....
Re: Striker pin alignment? (adg44)

I think the dealer already tried to adjust the striker pin before. It actually made it WORSE. The alignment of the door is alright though.
Re: Striker pin alignment? (BikeBoy24)

try spraying some silicone lube around the hinges.... I had a clicking noise... and the lube took care of it... got it from Crappy Tire for $5.00
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