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yea i isntalled it today..
went fairly easy.
and im a genious.. i had the earlier neuspeed bar and it interfeared with the coolant bottle. so what i did was the bracket itself is held on by 2 bolts... i took the brakket off and moved it over one bolt so its only using 1.. and it fits perfect and no other driling required or farkin about.
so good yay.
was a bit tight to get the nuts on and such underneath but all in all was easy and good.
thought i would post this cause lyle and someone else had this earlier bar and wasnt sure what to do to use it on there later mk2's like mine.
so yea all worked good.
handles awsome too. more tight and not much lean on turns. i didnt think i would notice it with my suspension as is but i do.
me likes.
tbird singing out.
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