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I'm not sure if my strut bearings are bad, I've only had them on for about 5000 miles, but the washer on the bottom side of the bushing it that rotates on the bearings, has a lot of play vertically, is it supposed to be like that, or should I replace them?
Like once I have the slotted nut tightened down and the shock is out of the car, I can move the strut bearing back and forth, it can tilt. Is this right?
Also, the one washer that goes on the front shock assembly, is it supposed to go on the very bottom, like before you put the spring cap on?
Also for mounting the bottom of the shock to the steering knuckle, of the two bolts one of them has an 18mm head and the other a 19mm, which one goes on top, and also does it really matter if you use two 19's or two 18's instead?

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