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strut caps that lower the front 10mm??

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well i just bought used bilstein sport struts and H&R springs for 325 shipped (anybody know if i got a good deal on that?)..and my only concern is that the front will be kinda sitting high. But i know that this was the right set up for maine driving. Just wondering though..someone said i could get bonrath strut caps that lower the front about 10mm..is that true? how much do they cost? thanks!
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Re: strut caps that lower the front 10mm?? (JuiceJetta)

They lower the front ever so slightly...not too much, only 1/2-3/4 of a finger space. Try them in combination with the strut bearings, maybe you'll get a little lower.
However, it does look more 'normal' after I put the caps in...before the caps, it just looked insanely high..."are you thinking about lowering your car??"..."uh...it IS lowered..."
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