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stupid kids

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listen to this one
i wennt to dinner the other night with my girl after work and came home to see some ugly a$$ old maxima with big rims parked next to my gti so i went to take a closer look at what was going on well the kid took off. i could see where they wiped down all of the windows thanks to the good old mist and because of the window tint they obviously couldnt see anything in the car except for thee auto meter guages on the a pillar and the big ol 5 inch tach. i go around to the back of the car, my neuspeed plate frame i dangeling they tried taking it on me then i take a better look at the car, my gti emblem and my neuspeed emblem are missing of the back of my car i was pissed but then i realized i was going to take them off anyway but its the point. all i have to say is his ugly maxima is going to look funny with gti emblems and neuspeed emblems. some kids thinks are not so brilliant i guess what an idiot
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Re: stupid kids (Josh[deady]Able)

You go and do that when I was a kid someone would hand you youre a$$. Now with everything being friggan PC you cant kick thier butts. http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif Thats to bad man. At least yoyu were going to take them off anyway.
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Re: stupid kids (gin8122)

if you see that stupid maxima running around with neuspeed tags you can get some revenge.
I hate people that disrespect other peoples cars.
Re: stupid kids (jays vdub)

my brother has a GLI and they stole his emblems off his car while he was at lincoln greyhound park. they also broke out one of his side windows and took his car stereo on a seperate occcasion. believe it or not, the race track paid out his claim and gave him 200 for a new stereo!
The Bad= Frigin little Pri*ks with no respect for others property
The Good= business had property insurance
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