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Stupid Q: Grille/VW removal

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I tried removing my grille today and the darn thing is difficult to remove. There are so many tabs and pieces I have no clue which ones to pull/press. Usually I just go with the flo, but I've already snapped a few tabs already, and I want to remove the "VW" so I can paint it coz the silver is peeling.
Anyone know how to remove the grille/emblem (ie. step by step)
P.S. I tried a search already
P.S.S. I know I am an idiot.
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Re: Stupid Q: Grille/VW removal (STEALTHDEMONDUB)

haha you are not an idiot...at least you didnt put a shortshift upside down LOL...not mentioning any names...anyways yea, what stealth said, take your time, i think it took me 15 minutes to take mine off, cause i didnt want to break any tabs
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