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subs in the back deck

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I saw some infinity free air subs mounted in the back deck of an a3 jetta in a car audio magazine. has anyone here done this? how good does it sound? it would be nice to get rid of the huge heavy space taking box in my trunk and put some subs in the deck
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Re: subs in the back deck (28)

ok, bear with me here (its kinda long) ....... I am a certified IASCA and USACi judge, compete IASCA and USACi SQ and I also am my Province reps for IASCA and USACi
if you just want to install subs in your rear deck, what you want is INFINITE BAFFLE subs ..... some great subs for this are any image dynamics subs ( htpp://www.image dynamicsusa.com ) or the JL IB4's . there are a few others, but I prefer both of these. What you need to do is ONLY seal the front wave of your driver to the rear wave of the driver. you DO NOT and should not seal the whole trunk becaseu you are suppossed to be installing in an INFINITE BAFFLE (which means what it means) setup.
I have done this with 2 - 15" Image Dynamics IDW's.
check out my install page to see them http://www.cardomain.com/id/freestyler
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