• Record January: ŠKODA delivers 91,600 vehicles to customers
  • International success: ŠKODA’s growth in Europe and China
  • ŠKODA Fabia, Superb and Yeti increase significantly
Mladá Boleslav- ŠKODA’s growth continues into 2016. In January, the brand increased their worldwide deliveries by 5.2% to 91,600 vehicles (January 2015: 87,000), making it the best January ever the company’s history. ŠKODA’s sales increased significantly throughout Europe and China. ŠKODA’s latest model generation has received a positive consumer response. Deliveries of the ŠKODA Fabia rose worldwide by 25.8% and the ŠKODA Superb by 62.3%. Demand for the ŠKODA Yeti increased 29.4%.

ŠKODA's success of 2015 has continued seamlessly into January. Last year, the manufacturer sold more cars than ever before, delivering 1.06 million vehicles. “ŠKODA has made a good start to the year. Our deliveries remain at a high level around the world. We are pleased with the continued positive development of our new model generations,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing, adding: “The situation in Russia and neighbouring countries is still tense.” ŠKODA’s growth relies on the entire model range: The ŠKODA Fabia and ŠKODA Yeti were in high demand in January. The ŠKODA Superb introduced in June last year did particularly well.

ŠKODA delivered 32,900 vehicles to customers in Western Europe this January (January 2015: 29,800). Again, the brand recorded growth in Germany, the brand's second-strongest global market, with deliveries rising 4.7% to 10,500 vehicles (January 2015: 10,100). ŠKODA strengthens their position as the strongest foreign brand in the German market. The Czech manufacturer experienced strong growth in Switzerland (1,200 vehicles, up 73,7%), Norway (700 vehicles, up 28.2%), Portugal (300 vehicles; up 44.1%), Austria (2100; up 31.8%), Ireland (2300 vehicles, up 26.5%), Italy (1700 vehicles, up 25.3%), Belgium (1600 vehicles; up 19.2%) and Finland (1500 vehicles; up 19.0%).

Amid the challenging market environment in Russia, the brand delivered 3600 vehicles to customers (January 2015: 5100; down 30.6%). In Eastern Europe, excluding Russia, ŠKODA sold 2000 vehicles in January (January 2015: 2200; down 10.5%). ŠKODA recorded growth, however, in Romania (600 vehicles; up 28.4%) and Bosnia (100 vehicles; up 50.7%).

ŠKODA achieved further growth in Central Europe where the brand’s deliveries increased 5.7% to 14,200 (January 2015: 13,400). In Slovakia, the Czech automaker achieved an increase of 22.8% to 1400 units (January 2015: 1200). In their home market, the Czech brand’s deliveries increased by 2.1% to 6400 units (January 2015: 6300). Likewise, ŠKODA’s deliveries increased in Slovenia (500 vehicles; up 9.4%); in Poland, the brand’s sales increased 9.1% to 4800 vehicles.

In China, the brand’s strongest global market, the rate of growth continued to strengthen at the start of the year. Deliveries to customers in January increased 8.8% to 31,300 vehicles (January 2015: 28,800). ŠKODA achieved high growth rates in Israel (3200 vehicles; up 34.4%).

ŠKODA’s deliveries to customers in January 2016 (in units, rounded off, by model; +/- in percent compared to January 2015):

ŠKODA Octavia (39,200; -0.8 %)
ŠKODA Rapid (16,700; -11.1 %)
ŠKODA Fabia (14,500; +25.8 %)
ŠKODA Superb (9900; +62.3 %)
ŠKODA Yeti (8800; +29.4 %)
ŠKODA Citigo (only sold in Europe: 2400; +1.2 %)