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Lets face it we all like to talk about our cars, and others for that matter.
So how about we just do that and as long as people want to talk let it be.
What is this forum a democracy or a dictatorship?
I started to read a link this post "Mitchell Davidson'sCorvette C5 Gets killed by an SI." granted it had nothing to do with the 1.8T but what a great read, when I got back here it had been deleted? Whats the deal?
Now I know we all ride in German cars, but the Nazi Germany Dictatorship died with Hitler and remember one of his bads was burning books and stopping people from having the ability to read freely as they chose.
If its a post let us talk, no rules, lets just keep it to the right forum, IE 1.8T in 1.8T VR6 in VR6 and so on, who cares if it about a possible group buy or the fact that joe bloggs just spanked an M5 or can I beat an F-Body in my 1.8T swap Rabbit and so on as long as we all want to talk about it, if we dont the thread will die a natural death.
So come on MODS there's no need to be so, how can I put this oh yeah Dictator Like.
Who's with me on this?
Or is this going to get deleted or locked too?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
Not open for further replies.