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I have been seeing a lot of new people posting on the forums. It is wonderful to have new people join this online community from all over the world. WELCOME!

My opinion for posting in the forums.

Naturally, search the forums first. When you're ready to post:

MK4 Forum: Make sure you are asking about a MK4 Volkswagen.

Topic Subject should be specific. Don't post "1.8T GTI" when you have an issue with your "2003 1.8T GTI Heated Seat Issue"

Wall of Text: Use the enter key to separate your thoughts. No one really wants to read a wall of text.

What do you drive: List your year, model, engine, transmission, etc in your post (i.e. 2003 Golf 1.8T 5 speed) to help people understand what car you are working with. If you have an issue with timing and I start telling you about a timing chain as a solution... I shouldn't have to guess you actually have a 1.8T (that does not have a chain).

One Thread: Don't start many different threads on the same topic. Always reply to your original post if you have something to add or have new ideas. You can edit your post if something isn't correct.

Pictures: The new forum makes it a lot easier to include pictures in your post (if relevant). Often times pictures will help people help you.

Come Back! Don't post a question and don't come back or stay engaged in the conversation. If you are asking for help and people are trying to provide ideas... and you don't come back... that doesn't look good for you.

(Don't) Bring Out Yer Dead!: Digging up a thread from 10 years ago and asking the original poster if he was able to resolve the issue doesn't work. It is doubtful that the people on that thread are still active on Vortex.

Project: If you start a project thread (we all love these!), be creative with the topic subject so we know what you're working on.


This is a wall of text...


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Now let's hope people will use this info. I've also noticed some of the "new" members are bots.
Also please don't start a million new threads for the same problem. 馃う

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