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Hey guys, I'm new to these forums. I have an 01' vr6, and I was looking for some advice in terms of a suitacse removal for my car.
I did a search, but I only found one link and it was for a 2.0 MKIII.
Can anyone w/a vr6 motor walk me through the procedure? Moreover, It would be great if you guys can help me out with some sound clips or pictures (price too).
Any advice is appreciated and I am sorry if this question has already been addressed.

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Re: Suitcase Question (deposition1689)

you can either take it to an exhaust shop and have it done or do it yourself using a TDI midpipe. The pipe is usually around 35 bucks and you will need a stock clamp which is usually around 20.
just search archived threads for "midpipe" and you will find plenty.
in terms of sound it's a nice cheap way to get more growl, but it won't ocmpare to a full aftermarket exhaust.
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