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super 60 turbo

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Tried searching..found nothing...Forgive me guys am not so up on the technical trims and sizing and names...I'm pretty stupid...so what's the diff between the super 60 and the non super 60? I am assuming it is capable of higher boost while the regular T3 is limited to like 23 psi? Any advantage regarding quicker spooling? If you're going for just 10psi is super60 worth it?
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Re: super 60 turbo (87GolfKart)

People might yell at me for saying this.
First, let me say I don't own a 60 or a super 60. (I have a 50). I have played around with the flow rates for all three of these turbos on the compressor maps, and here is my $0.02:
If you are going to run 10 psi on a 2 litre engine, the 60 trim compressor is probably the best bet.
I'm not sure that the super 60 is good for more boost (maybe it is?), but it's good for more flow, which you probably aren't going to need if you are running 10psi on a 2 litre.
I wouldn't spend the extra money ont he super 60.
Re: super 60 turbo (Stephen Webb)

I agree.Most people use way too big of turbo.A 60 trim turbo will make far more power than almost any stock VW motor will.They spool good and pack one hell of a punch.Best of all they are easily found in the junkyard.You can have your cake,and eat it too.I paid $21 for the last two I bought.
Re: super 60 turbo (psi)

quote:[HR][/HR]I paid $21 for the last two I bought.[HR][/HR]​
Noooo... seriously? I've been striking out big time at the local junkers.
I'll buy one from you for twice what you paid!
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Re: super 60 turbo (sirhcorrado)

psi so which car has the 60 trim? DSM? SAAB?
Re: super 60 turbo (87GolfKart)

Here are the two compressor flow maps:

I can't see a great difference between the two. The only major difference I've heard of is the 3" inlet on the super 60.
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