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SUPER CHEAP stroker upgrade path for 1.8t Guys

So are you looking to stroke your 1.8t but don't have a ton of money to sped? Maybe you already have done rods and already have a BT and want to go to the next step.
Well first option is to buy the kit, for $1400 or so. You'll still need about $50-60 for new bearings.
Second option is to source parts out by yourself. For basic custom pistons, should be around $500. Brute rods are about $380. The 2L crankshaft can be picked up used for 100-200 bucks + shipping. Then bearings and whatnot.

Here's what I can do.
I need a 1.8t crank shaft, non-aeb, so any mk4 crank. Moderate miles are fine as I'm going to be doing a lot of machining work anyway. Just so long as bearings weren't spun, crank isn't crooked, or in need of serious repair.
I'm willing to ship my crankshaft FOR your crank shaft. No money needs to change hands. Just a fair trade, your 86.4mm non-aeb 1.8t crank for my 2L 92.8mm AVH crank shaft.
My crank has very little wear, would need cleaned and micropolished. 90k miles. Engine is not sludged and was in running condition. If you have any questions, just let me know.

Modified by Pat @ Pitt Soundworks at 12:28 PM 7-12-2009
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