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Supercharger on its last leg

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First of all, I hope this post is legitimate. After reading the post about frivolous posts, I am now a little hesitant.
Anyhow, my question is simple: How much can I get for a charger that is not blown yet, but unsafe to drive? I might buy a C with one as described above, so I want to know how much to deduct from the asking price. The car is bypassed (shorter drive belt), and it's no good right now. How much would YOU ask to deduct? reasonably of course...thanks!
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Re: Supercharger on its last leg (thesleeper)

Your post is very worthy
I have seen them go for as much as $400 for chargers that needed a rebuild. If you are going to buy a C with no charger then the fair market price should probably be $700 less than what it would be worth if the charger was functional. Be careful about buying non-functional cars, they can be a blessing or they can be a B1tch.
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Re: Supercharger on its last leg (BadAssCorrado)

I just talked with this guy on the phone for 30 min, the car sounds like its in good running shape. It's listed in the CCA under G60's in CA. Hes the one in poway. Anyway, thanks for the post. he's asking 5300 for it, with body damage (scratches and 2 big dents, dings)...I was thinking about knocking off almost 1500 off the asking price, dont know until I see the car though. It might be too damaged, we'll see.

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