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Supercharger or turbo?

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Hi guys I'm newbe here, I have a problem choosing turbo or supercharger, here's my problems:
I like turbos a lot and i know they have better performance and upgrades than supercharger. My problem is that I live in a small city and i dont't have access to this things. I heard that you have to do a lot of modifications to make your turbo runs fine and whit the supercharger not. I like ATP turbo the problem is that San Francisco is at 2 days from here so it's a long trip. I can have easy access to a supercharger, Neuspeed sells his super in Mexico.
So what you recomend me turbo or SC?
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Re: Supercharger or turbo? (blue2slow)

I'm having the same dilemma. The turbo kit is cheaper and gives better results, but you have to tune it. I'm thinking that I am going to see which reseller gives the best tech. support and do it that way.. or.. just get the supercharger..
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