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Okay Ive heard alot of talk and I feel that maybe this deserves a little clarification. Supercharger and Turbo stages-WTF? I hear one thing then I hear another about what makes up a stage-and what it takes to get to the next stage. Ive also heard "I have a stage 3 and a half" Is there even such a thing? Its almost like saying "yeah, I got to second base last night with cindy"
NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THAT SH*T MEANS!!!Is there a difference between turbo and supercharger stages? If so what are they? I know that the reply post will probably be a little lengthy so thanx in advance http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Supercharger/Turbo-Stages???? (ilovemy92gti)

2nd base=b**bs
Stage 1 is generally turbo or s/c only, stage 2 is intercooled, from there it devolves into whichever kit you're using, different manufacturers use different terminology.
Re: Supercharger/Turbo-Stages???? (StealthJetta)

It kind of varies depending on who you talk to. Stage 4 would include like the cam, chip, an FPR, and pretty much all of the other goodies out there. Stage 1 would just be the base.
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