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Ok, I have decided on the Z-engineering s/c. Now what I find hard to believe that it is strictly bolt on. Wondering if this is true or would I have to modify other aspects of my car. Such as fuel/ignition? Would I have to get bigger injectors, fuel pump, pressure regulator. What kind of spark plugs/wires are you guys running.
Just trying to get as much info as possible, don't want to be on the side of the road with a blown engine.
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Re: Supercharger (Anton73)

All of which doesn't answer his question Anton. There are plenty of
satsified Z-eng owners. At least its software is well supported, the customer
support is top notch and it has a clear upgrade path with the addition of DSR 256 cams
supported both by Z-eng, and GIAC. Maybe I missed all the posts with people
raving about how great Eurotech and AMS support is.
Yes, it is bolt on. Given the placement of the filter you don't have to relocate the
purge valve (used to be charcoal cannister) like you used to. One of the trickier parts
of the install is just getting the little mini filter on the secondary air pump
intake, but you'd have to do that for anything that replaces the stock
airbox, including just installing an open element filter.
The current version of the Z-eng kit is tuned for stock injectors
and the supplied 4bar fpr. That and Garrett's chip is all it needs
for fueling. An exhaust wouldn't hurt, but it's not necessary.
The first time you do it, it'll probably take an evening. Do it
again and it takes maybe 2 hours max. Factor in some time to pick up
the appropriate tools (a 3/8" socket drive 6mm allen with an extension will
be very useful for the alternator bracket bolts, and a big allen for the front
motor mount, and a torx driver for the ECU case). The entire kit can
be installed or uninstalled using tools that fit in a small toolbag. I removed
it beside the road and returned the car to near stock after a water pump pulley
failure using only my small toolkit and the stock jack. Not recommended, but
doable. Bolt on.
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