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suspension question...!!!

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I will drop my car more than 2" and definitely use the front sway bar. Do you think I have to use the rear sway bar? Or it is okay just to use the front sway bar without having to put the rear sway bar?
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Re: suspension question...!!! (vw_golf)

Increasing front roll stiffness compared to rear tends to increase understeer.
Owners report MkIV Golf/Jetta already understeer badly enough. The right thing to do is either increase rear roll stiffness, or remove the front antiroll bar to reduce front roll stiffness. Your stiffer spring rates will increase roll stiffness at both ends which will tend reduce body roll, and should more than offset the removal of roll stiffness.
By the way ... I realize that you're lowering for appearance, but the suspension is designed to operate best at stock ride height. If you want function (best ride/handling compromise) then stay close to stock ride height.
Brian P.
'96 Passat TDI mit UPsolute
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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