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Suspension Questions

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So, i want to attain better handling in my 1998 GTI VR6. I dont have a lot of money, and some of this will probably be Xmas presents from parents. So.. i dont want to ask for some hella awesome Coilovers! *grin* Additionally i want my ride height to be around 1.5" lower than stock.
What kind of shocks/springs should i ask for/get?
What about sway/stress bars? And, what is the difference between the two?
Im not going for lots of drop. or even changing my height... but, i am going for that aggresive look and tighter feel. Thanks everyone!
Suspension is one of those things i dont know much about yet : ) i havent taken it off my MG yet! *grin* Nothing like knowing nothing when taking apart a classic british sports car! Well, im gonna start putting it back together soon....
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Re: Suspension Questions (Branflake)

Go do some research in the suspension forum.
Re: Suspension Questions (Bob Roberts)

Oh, sorry, yeah, thats right, im new to the forum. I guess i shouldnt ask questions. or is it that because im new i dont have the right to ask questions? My bad buddy. MAYBE you should do some research in the attitude forum.
Re: Suspension Questions (Branflake)

chill man, he was just suggesting you take a look there, because there are a ton of good posts about suspension in there. You could get H&R sport springs, and bilstein shocks, the H&R cup kit, lowers about 2 inches, but is supposedly really sweet, etc.... do a search, good luck.
Re: Suspension Questions (igneousGOlF)

Yeah, i over reacted. sorry guys
I didnt even know there was a suspension forum... a link would have helped. i looked, research is going good! thanks!
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Re: Suspension Questions (h2o vw tuner vr6)

Yeah get all up in Mattz Evolution house, cause it's da place to be, yo!
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