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Suspension Questions

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ok so ive heard that mk2 golf or jetta rear springs an shocks, will bolt onto my 90 fox. am i correct on this, as i am about to buy rear shocks, an if i can get aftermarket ones that fit the jetta, but will also fit my fox, then im goin to get them. also what car shares the same front suspension, so i can find some friggin lowering springs for the front. also anyone know where i can get lowering springs for the front? thanks
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Re: Suspension Questions (NWFoxBoy)

Rear is like the A2, being a Corrado, Gti, or Jetta. Shock wise, that is. So is the axle. Springs?? No conclusive evidence.
Front is like the Audi 4000 4 cylinder, and Quantum. Springs should work, but nobody has tried it. Inserts have been tried, and work.
But if we could wait for a bit, Zarrir has already found some, we just have to iron out the details. Under $300 shipped.
Try this: http://i2.yimg.com/2/7222/g/0/4cf0cb0.jpg for the Brazilian springs.
Or, I could sell you my Fox specific Neuspeeds for $800. I'll even throw in shipping. Non-negotiable.

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Re: Suspension Questions (92foxrox)

800 for a set of springs? are u smoking the rock? i dont think they were even close to that when they were new. i hope your just kidding around.
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Re: Suspension Questions (NWFoxBoy)

he wasn't kidding. good luck getting neuspeed springs fox specific anymore for cheap, unless someone has them laying around in there warehouse and doesn't realize the value. But I also had the same question about the suspension, since i can no longer get rear bilsteins can i order some a2 jetta ones and use them?
Re: Suspension Questions (vwcabby)

[Quote:] 800 for a set of springs? are u smoking the rock? i dont think they were even close to that when they were new. i hope your just kidding around.[quot]
They were around $200. They don't exist any more. Speed costs. How fast can you afford to go??? And you better get them quick, A1 has invited me up to install them this month... I know Cabby. That remark about the "10 years" hurt my feelings. Ah, forget it. They are back off the market.
quote:[HR][/HR], since i can no longer get rear bilsteins can i order some a2 jetta ones and use them?[HR][/HR]​
Kenny uses Bilstien sports for a Corrado, they fit. He should tell you about the ride. And Corrado shocks and A2 rear shocks are the same as the rear Foxes, so = A2 Jetta shocks should work.

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Re: Suspension Questions (92foxrox)

cool. sorry bro if that comment really hurt your feelings, it wasn't ment too,
hehe. ok, time to go do some pricing. i want to come tooo. i need suspension work. I went under my hood today and noticed a gap between the shock top and the body, that can't be a good thing, and besides that my car is starting to handle like poop and the ride is horrible, so its time for bilstiens.
[edit]Wheres the cheapest place to get bilstiens?[/edit]

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Re: Suspension Questions (vwcabby)

Post didn't hurt, it was true.
If I was buying, I would save $10-20 apiece and get Tokicos, rear for the Corrado, front for the Audi 4k. Or find out if there really is such a thing as a Boge "Super". I have heard that that is what I have, but I have never heard of this beast again, and the PO tends to exagerate.
Of course, if I was buying, I would buy regular Boge for the above cars, and save lots. But I am spending alot of seat time if I get over 1K miles a year now, so the cheap ones should last me.
We shall see.
Re: Suspension Questions (vwcabby)

quote:[HR][/HR][edit]Wheres the cheapest place to get bilstiens?[/edit][HR][/HR]​
Am I correct in that you are using Neuspeed springs?
If so, I recommend using some Bilstein Sports, with the shorter shaft, designed for lowering springs. That's what I'm using and I LOVE the ride. It's smooth and comfortable most of the time (it can be a bit bouncy across worn intersections) and stiff when need be. The only thing I can imagine making it better would be some adjustable Konis but that's another $100+.
Try shoxs.com, they had the best prices I could find on the Bilstein Sports.
Re: Suspension Questions (kennyg)

yup, i have neuspeed springs. yeah, i was going to get sport. but i am still thinking about the heavy dutys also, roads around here aren't that great.
[edit] i need an address that works

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Re: Suspension Questions (vwcabby)

Has anyone figured out the cure for the less-than-adequate fox strut bearings? My wagon rides amazingly well, suspension is nice and tight, so is steering, but that damned klunk in the passenger strut tower is driving me nuts.
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Re: Suspension Questions (vwcabby)

VWCabby: Do you know what the weights and lengths and coil counts are for those springs? Are they for the wagon or sedan? If we had that info, we could grab appropriate B2 and A2 springs, and have them cut to match. There's a race shop around the corned from me here at work that does that sort of work. If I can't track down the data on the springs, I'll probably take my fox in to have it put on 4-pt scales so they can calculate the right setup for me. $$$$$$
Re: Suspension Questions (a1junkie)

i have no clue what those are. hmm, my springs are fine, i just need the rest.
Well, if we know that the fronts from an Audi 4k, and the rears from an A2 will fit, and Fox Wagon is 2,094 lbs, and the A2 golf is a couple hundred more, then the spings for the A2 Golf should have roughly the same properties under the Wagon, i.e. height and stiffness- but maybe a bit higher and stiffer - no? Same goes for the front springs from a 4cyl 4k.
Strut inserts are easier, as the main worry there is getting the right fittings (same inserts listed for A2 Golfs as for Corrado G60 and SLC, etc.).
Should work, eh?
Re: Suspension Questions (vwcabby)

quote:[HR][/HR]i need an address that works

As for strut bearing replacements, I'm 99% sure the only option would be a solid bearing camber plate kinda set-up.
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